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Kelly Holsopple, who herself worked in stripping for thirteen years, conducted research into women’s experiences of violence in strip clubs. She found 100 per cent of the women she surveyed had experienced physical abuse while working in a lap-dancing club, which variously included being bitten, slapped, pinched, or punched. All of the women had also been sexually abused in a club. This ranged from having their breasts grabbed to men attempting and succeeding to penetrate them vaginally with fingers or bottles. Every woman had been verbally harassed, frequently being called names such as cunt, whore, bitch, and slut, and every single one had been propositioned for sex. The women surveyed also reported that almost all of the perpetrators suffered no consequences for these behaviours.
Kat Banyard, the Equality Illusion, p. 166-167 (via femalestruggle)




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